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Born and raised in a rural community of the South Island of New Zealand Dean developed his practical nature from the land. Appreciating the dependence of man upon "nature."

A love of hunting is where Dean learnt respect for life and developed his ability to study animals (of both the 4 legged and 2 legged varieties). Being at the top of the food chain comes with great responsibility for those below you, a lesson good business people also understand.

Working on the land teaches that money and lifestyle are separate entities. It is possible to have a great lifestyle with limited money. Low wages are a great way to teach frugality - a lesson Dean has not forgotten.

Factory jobs teach different lessons. Three years working night-shift in a timber mill was enough to teach an understanding of what is like to wish your life away. Each week was lived in anticipation of Friday and the start of the weekend. Inspiration was frowned upon, and each worker is only a statistic. It was a great lesson in how not to run a business.

There is no greater character building job than door-to-door sales. Fortitude, persistence, resilience, and appreciation for psychological triggers were only some of the lessons that helped shaped who Dean McNamara is today.

All these different life lessons learnt in the trenches are complimented by a paid education. If there is one thing Dean learnt in life it is that it is easier to learn by other people's mistakes. So he has continued to make education a priority in life. From a national certificate in security, to a B.Sc. majoring in religion, to completing a property investor mentoring program, to several online business courses.

Being a husband and father have combined to complete the picture of who Dean McNamara is.



Recently Dean made the transition from full-time machinery operator and part-time internet marketer to full-time web design and part time machinery operator.

With a decline in the economy the earth moving industry was one of many casualties with companies down-sizing or folding. Not wanting to get involved in the desperate quoting for jobs that ensued Dean decided there was no better time to make the career switch.

Now, in conjunction with his partner, Dean is building and promoting websites.  While they don't have a magic bullet solution they do know what it takes to rank websites and they are very good at what they do.

If you would like to know more about what Dean is doing I highly recommend you check out Dean's Websites

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